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Estate planning is something that everyone can benefit from. A proper plan can keep your loved ones from asking hard questions after your passing and ensure they have the support and care that you left for them. Creating a strong and reliable plan is easier said than done, however.

At Farrell Law Office, you can find the representation of a Washington lawyer who is well-versed in wills and probate law. Many people may think wills are only for the wealthy, but wills are for anyone who has assets or minor children. Attorney Tom Farrell can help you create a personalized estate plan to meet your needs.

Anyone Can Benefit From A Will

A will can be the best investment in peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Anyone who is married or has property, assets or minor children should have a will. Surprisingly, between one-half and two-thirds of Americans don’t have a will. A will can ensure that your minor children have a clearly appointed guardian and that your property and assets will be distributed how you choose.

If you have a business, a will makes sure that it is left to the person you appoint. It can be especially important to have a will if you have many assets or a complex estate. Having a will also allows you to appoint an executor or trustee who will be tasked with carrying out your wishes as outlined in the document.

If you don’t have a will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the laws of the state in which you live, which can mean that your assets go to the wrong beneficiary. Instead of taking that chance with the estate you worked so hard to amass, let Mr. Farrell help you create an estate plan and will that can protect what you have earned.

Start Creating Your Estate Plan Today

To ensure the best outcome when it comes to your estate, it’s important to contact a trusted and respected attorney experienced in estate planning, such as Farrell Law Office. Call attorney Farrell’s Spokane office at 509-402-3096 or email him here to schedule your initial consultation today.