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Compassionate Representation After A Car Accident

The cost of recovering from a car accident can be extreme, and when someone else caused your injuries, they need to be accountable for the cost of their actions. Holding them accountable while managing your health can be a challenge, so make things easy for yourself by seeking the representation of a skilled Washington personal injury lawyer.

Attorney Tom Farrell is a personal injury attorney with more than 15 years of experience in maximizing the compensation his clients receive. At his Spokane firm, Farrell Law Office, he works tirelessly to ensure each of his clients receives the commitment, skill and compassion they deserve from a personal injury attorney.

What Your Claim Is Worth

Too many accident victims make the mistake of accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company that is less than they deserve. As your legal representation, Mr. Farrell will act on your behalf to reject lowball offers and negotiate for compensation that reflects the current and future costs of an injury, including:

  • Lost income and loss of earning potential
  • Medical bills
  • Physical and emotional therapy
  • Relocation and renovation disability accommodations
  • Pain and suffering

After your car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or any other motor vehicle accident, if negotiations are not able to provide you with the fair and full compensation you deserve, Mr. Farrell is prepared to fight for you through litigation to give you the resources you need to move forward. While no amount of money can make up for what you experienced, Mr. Farrell’s goal is to make you as whole as possible after your motor vehicle accident.

As he represents you, he will go to whatever lengths necessary to build your strongest case for compensation, including gathering evidence of the full extent of your injuries through medical reports and establishing liability through evidence like police reports and video footage. While he represents you, he will also remain in constant contact with you to put your mind at ease while he fights for your future.

Representation You Can Count On

Instead of representing yourself or settling for a law firm that might put in the bare minimum effort in your claim, let Mr. Farrell show you he is as committed to your needs as you are. Call him at 509-402-3096 or email him here to schedule your initial consultation today and begin pursuing the outcome you deserve in your personal injury claim.