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Securing Your Veterans Disability Benefits

When you sacrifice for your country by enlisting in the military, it is only reasonable to expect that your country looks after you when you come home from your service. Despite what you sacrificed for your country, you may have trouble getting the benefits you deserve. A lawyer’s help is often needed to secure those benefits.

At Farrell Law Office, Tom Farrell is a leading veterans disability benefits attorney in the Spokane community. Mr. Farrell has a well-deserved reputation for being tenacious in his pursuit of getting disabled veterans the compensation they are entitled to.

Understanding These Benefits

Before you pursue benefits for your services, you need to understand what benefits may be available to you through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans and their dependents may be eligible for different kinds of veteran benefits through the VA, including:

  • Veterans disability benefits
  • Veterans pension benefits

At Farrell Law Office, Mr. Farrell offers a free VA benefits evaluation. Unfortunately, veterans don’t always receive the full benefits they are entitled to, and he wants to do his part in helping our veterans have the security they deserve in life.

Earning Benefits For Your Disabilities

There are many illnesses and injuries that veterans suffer from, and Farrell Law Office provides expert representation for clients suffering from injuries including:

  •  PTSD and other mental health disabilities
  •  Head, brain, neck, back and knee injuries
  •  Lack of employability
  •  Chemical agent exposure

These ailments can have a lifetime to complications for a victim, and it is only fair that they receive benefits to help them live with these consequences. Mr. Farrell has more than 15 years of experience helping clients throughout Washington obtain the benefits they deserve for their service, and he is prepared to let his experience be your advantage.

Get The Guidance You Deserve

Don’t navigate the seemingly endless sea of red tape to get the veterans’ disability benefits you’ve earned. When you have worked hard to protect this country, let Mr. Farrell work hard to protect you. Choose Farrell Law Office to represent you throughout the process by calling 509-402-3096 or using the online form to set up your initial consultation today.