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Where are people most likely to experience a serious slip and fall?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Personal Injury

Slip and falls and trip and falls are regular occurrences in the Spokane area. People can fall at their own homes or while out in the community. Many times, issues with property maintenance are what lead to people getting hurt because they slip or trip and then fall. Sometimes, slip-and-fall incidents put people in the hospital with broken bones or brain injuries.

While falls can occur almost anywhere, there are certain locations where people may be at greater risk of a slip and fall. Certain environments may also have more risk of causing injury should a slip and fall occur. The following are some of the more dangerous places for people to fall in public.

On public sidewalks

Sidewalks crisscross Spokane and most other towns in Washington. They allow pedestrians a safe place to travel without getting too close to motor vehicles. Technically, property owners in Spokane have an obligation to maintain their sidewalks. If a tree pushes its roots up under the sidewalk and causes the cement to crumble, the owner of the adjacent property is responsible for repairing that damage. Any major issues with a section of sidewalk could lead to people getting hurt. Poorly-maintained sidewalks are a tripping hazard. Trip-and-fall incidents that occur near roads can be particularly dangerous, as those who trip and fall could end up out in traffic.

Inside businesses

Local shops typically need to maintain their facilities carefully. Each visitor could track in rain or drop items that put others at risk of falling. Unfortunately, it is common practice for retail establishments and similar companies to have few staff members on hand. Workers may not be able to maintain the premises properly, particularly near the front entrance. Slip-and-falls could easily occur in understaffed businesses.

In apartment buildings

Landlords with multi-unit properties should make the maintenance of those facilities one of their top priorities. Unfortunately, landlords may delay performing crucial property repairs and maintenance. Putting off light bulb replacements, for example, might lead to someone falling down the stairs due to inadequate visibility. Issues with the floor, leaky ceilings and inadequate lighting could all contribute to the risk of a serious slip-and-fall incident where someone experiences major injuries.

Filing a premises liability lawsuit could help those hurt in slip-and-fall incidents demand accountability from negligent property owners.