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3 of the leading causes of Washington motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2024 | Personal Injury

Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation in Washington. Temperate weather means that some riders may consistently travel on their motorcycles even during the colder parts of the year. Motorcycles cost less to purchase and consume far less to fuel per mile traveled when compared with enclosed motor vehicles.

The trade-off is the increased degree of risk should a crash occur. Motorcycle riders do not have restraint systems and other protective equipment to shield them from the impact of a collision. Even crashes at low speeds can lead to broken bones, brain injuries and other issues that might lead to hospitalization. Most motorcycle riders try their best to stay safe, but they may end up in collisions caused primarily by other people. The following are some of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes involving larger vehicles.

Alcohol intoxication

Alcohol can affect motorcycle riders and is often a factor in fatal motorcycle crashes. Unfortunately, not all drivers consistently make smart choices about mind-altering substances even if riders are responsible. Drivers impaired by alcohol cause a large number of preventable collisions, including many motorcycle collisions. Those who ride late at night or when there are major events, like big games or concerts, may be more likely than others to cross paths with chemically-impaired drivers.

Distraction or inattention

Distracted driving has become a major safety issue for modern motorists. Quite a few people eat or use mobile phones while driving. Their choices put them and other people at increased risk of a collision. Even if someone avoids distraction, they may have a hard time noticing motorcycles in traffic. Unless drivers actively look for motorcycles, they may not notice motorcycles until it is too late.

Excessive speed

Faster rates of speed have safety implications for motorcycle riders. The faster someone travels on a motorcycle, the more momentum they have should a crash occur. Those at higher speeds are more likely to get thrown off of their motorcycles and suffer significant injuries as a result. Faster speeds on the part of other drivers can also be a safety concern. Many drivers travel at speeds too fast for optimal safety and may have a hard time slowing down, maneuvering or stopping when they notice a motorcycle in front of them in traffic. High speeds increase not only the likelihood of a crash but also the severity of crashes that do occur.

Motorcycle riders ultimately do not have any control over what other people do in traffic. All they can do is make safety their own top priority. Pursuing a compensation claim after a motorcycle crash might require either insurance negotiations or a personal injury lawsuit. Riders who incur injuries may require assistance when seeking compensation for losses caused by a crash.